About Yardi technology limited

About Yardi technology limited
Yardi technology limited is a company specializing in software outsourcing. Yardi has a development factory in China with a group of young and ambitious programmers.

At Yardi, we define our mission as offering an affordable and accessible programming service to European companies. We use the latest Microsoft Technology to help our clients realize their concepts on the Internet. Our communication office is in The Netherlands, thus allowing us to have a "face to face" relationship with clients, which in turn allows us to have a better understanding of exactly what they need. Our technical base of operations is in China, which ensures the quality of our work while also optimizing affordability.

On the Internet, effective implementation is as important to success as a creative concept. We value every creative concept we have the chance to work with. At the same time, we distinguish ourselves by not only implementing what is in your mind, but also by helping you to understand the capabilities of today's Internet technology and by improving your concept further.

We believe that success can be most fully achieved with an appropriate mix of innovation and effective implementation!


yanni - 2011/2/16 6:37:18
??September 26th, our company signed the agreement of software development formally with NIP. It means that two companies will have a good corporation in future. NIP, the abbreviation of Nordic Industrial Park, locates on NingBo. It is the first Industrial Park to get the investment and management from foreigners. It focuses on giving the best services for the small and medium enterprises which established in NingBo. The corporation with NIP shows that our company will follow the policy of being diversified. .... more
Welcome the new colleagues
yanni - 2011/2/16 6:36:59
After enjoying the National Day, two new colleagues joined us. Zhengyao shen,and baozi cai who are wise and gentle. Everyone felt very happy for the development of our company when two empty desks had the new masters. Welcome two new colleagues. .... more

What we offer

  • E-commerce application
  • Email marketing software
  • Kooboo CMS
  • Outsourcing Service
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